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Selling Books | Overview

Sell Usborne books

As an Usborne Organiser, there are many different places where you can sell Usborne books. You can sell at home parties, school events, book fairs, nursery groups and coffee mornings,  in fact  anywhere where you think people may be interested in buying children's books.

The two main ways are holding book parties in your own or customers' homes and holding events and book fairs in schools.

Buying books this way gives your customers huge advantages over buying books online. They can touch and read the books before they buy, and they will benefit from your advice and recommendations, and can talk about the books with other people at the party or event.

Plus you can offer exclusive discounts and free books that can’t be found anywhere else.

Where next?

"Being part of Usborne Books is really important to me - there is nothing else that I would dream of selling to friends and family."

Zoe Rainbow, Team Leader