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Top five habits of a good Mentor

Here are a few simple 'steps to success' which will help you as you embark on becoming a Mentor with Usborne Books at Home.

1. The fantastic thing about mentoring is that you are giving someone else a real, first hand insight into the opportunities with Usborne. All you need to do is share your enthusiasm for selling our gorgeous books and building a business - so there is nothing stopping you recruiting from day one!

2. The idea of becoming a Mentor might be a little daunting at first, but remember that you are not alone and neither are your recruits. There are lots of tools and support available on the Organiser website and let's not forget the power of social media. Adding your new recruits to any online communities in your division could open up a wealth of knowledge and encouragement from lots more Usborne Organisers, and sharing is a brilliant tool that can lead to great success.

3. A friendly face can go a long way (remember how you felt when you first started with Usborne?) and this might just be the key to understanding what your recruits want to get out of their Usborne businesses. Why not invite them round for a cuppa or arrange regular catch-ups over the phone or online?

4. As a Mentor, you really don't need to have all the answers and to have tried everything. Believe in your recruits like they believe in you and together you'll do great things.

5. For each new Organiser, this is their business, their way, and your role is simply to support them before letting them fly.

Your Mentor Bonus

Did you know that as well as earning on your sales, you can also earn a permanent monthly 6% Mentor Bonus on the sales of anyone you recruit?

To qualify for this fantastic bonus, both you and your recruit must each submit a minimum £100 sales volume in the same month. Speak to your Mentor to find out more.

Where next?

Find out more about building a team.

"If I knew it would be this much of a buzz, I'd have joined up sooner!"

Vicky Moran, Usborne Organiser