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Runaway Success

In your first twelve weeks, Runaway Success, our quickstart programme of goals and rewards, will get you off to a flying start.

As you achieve each goal we reward you to recognise your success - and the rewards help boost your business even further. You will find a Runaway Success wallplanner in your Starter Kit which you can use to keep a record of your progress.

How Runaway Success works

Runaway Success rewards you for three separate achievements in the early days of your business.

  • Kit Boost - you will receive a Kit Boost pack of books and stationery worth over £50 when you submit three £100+ orders within your first three weeks of joining
  • Kit Refund - Usborne will refund the cost of your Starter Kit when you submit six £100+ orders within your first six weeks of joining
  • Promotion Bonus - you will receive a £200 cash bonus when you promote to Team Leader within 12 weeks of joining. Visit the Building a team page to find out more about becoming a Team Leader

Watch the following video for more information about how Runaway Success works.

Explaining Runaway Success to new recruits

Runaway Success is a great tool to help you build your own Usborne team. Listen to Usborne Organisers explain the importance of Runaway Success to new recruits.

Where next?

"Runaway Success is a great way to show new Organisers they are not alone and help is there every step of the way." Sara Knowles , Team Leader

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