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Building a team

The best way to increase your earnings as an Usborne Organiser is to encourage other people to join your team. At first the prospect of building a team may seem daunting, but it’s actually just a case of thinking about the people that you know who may be looking to earn extra money, work family-friendly hours and build a business of their own.


Speak to friends and family and tell them about your Usborne business and how much you enjoy it and what's in it for them. They may like to host an Usborne book party, or even sign up straight away. At each of your events, take some time to talk to guests about your work and see if any of them are interested in hosting a party of their own or becoming an Organiser.

Don’t give up if you get one or two people saying 'no', the timing might not be right for some people - but ask them if they know anyone for whom this would be a great opportunity.

As soon as you start recruiting, you’ll be earning an additional Mentor Bonus on the sales of your fledgling team – your reward for helping others get started.

There is no need for the ‘hard-sell’. Your passion for your new venture will shine through. Just be approachable, friendly and chat to anyone you meet and remember to carry agreement forms and catalogues and leaflets wherever you go.

Here's some recruiting tips from Usborne Divisional Leader, Lisa Colley.

Becoming a Team Leader

Once you and a minimum of four personally recruited new Organisers sell at least £100 each in a month and your joint sales exceed £1500, you will be promoted to Team Leader. In addition to your Mentor Bonus and sales commission you will:

  • Earn an extra 5% bonus on the sales of your team members
  • Earn additional bonuses as your team sales grow
  • Be eligible for lots of additional business benefits, such as our Business Development Programme incentive

Listen to Usborne Team Leader, Zoe Rainbow, explain how to become a Team Leader and what it involves.

What next?

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Team Leader, speak to your Mentor who will be happy to support you.

“When someone says to me ‘I love Usborne books’ my response is always, well, you need to sell them then!”

Nicola Ford, Team Leader