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School events

Selling Usborne books in schools opens up a huge earning opportunity for Organisers. From school book fairs, themed events and to sponsored reads, there are lots of different events that you can hold in schools to help them get more Usborne books without taking up their precious time and budget.

Watch Group Leader, Julie Williams, talk about the benefits for schools and the enjoyment she gets from working with schools.

Schools greatly appreciate the service that an Usborne Organiser provides. Usually teachers have to organise book events themselves, but as an Usborne Organiser, you arrange everything - setting up the stall, recommending titles, taking the payments and delivering the books - and you can tailor your service to meet each school’s needs.

Most importantly you can offer them free books and discounts depending on the total sales at their event.

Finding your first school

  • THINK about everybody you know who has a connection with a school.
  • ASK friends and relatives with a school connection for a contact so that when you get in touch you can ask for somebody by name.
  • LOOK out for school fêtes and fairs in your local newspaper, go through the phone book to find out where your local schools are or browse the Internet for schools in your area.

Usborne school events

Here are some of the events you can hold in schools to sell books and help schools fundraise to buy new books:

Sponsored listening and reading events

Usborne sponsored listening and reading events are easy way for schools to raise funds for books for their library. Ready, Steady...Listen! is for younger children who are not quite ready to read alone and Ready, Steady...Read! is for children of reading age. Whether it's in school time, at home, during the school holidays or in a 24 hour race, children of all ages can take part and ask family members and friends to sponsor them.

These are easy-to-administer initiatives allow schools to benefit from books for all to share and enjoy, whilst encouraging listening and reading of books and stories at home and school. These are perfect events for schools that want an exciting Usborne event, without holding a book fair.

You'll find Ready, Steady…Listen! and Ready Steady…Read! downloadable packs with everything the school needs to run one of these events in the Tools & Downloads library.

Book fairs

You can offer the school book fair service to every school and they can benefit from great discounts and special offers without having to lift a finger.

You can also tailor the whole event to suit your school’s timetable, curriculum and budget:

  • Class by class, for a particular year group, or the whole school
  • Themed around classroom and curriculum projects or reading events, such as Children’s Book Week and World Book Day
  • At parents’ days/evenings  and PTA events
  • At fundraising events, such as Christmas or summer fairs

Where next?

Ready to get started working in schools? All you need to do is complete six party orders of £100+ value to help you find your feet and learn more about selling and holding events. Speak to your Mentor to find out more.

Did you know our service to schools has won a DSA award for innovation?

"Ready, Steady… Read! is one of the easiest reading events we have held and one of the most profitable! All the hard work was done by our local Usborne representative. I would recommend it to any busy teacher or Literacy Co-ordinator."

Mrs Sarah Watson, Deputy Headteacher of Briary Primary School