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Free books and discounts for schools

If a school or library holds an Usborne event with you (e.g book fair or sponsored read), they can benefit from up to 60% of their order value in additional FREE BOOKS. The amount of free books they are entitled to depends on the total sales of the event.

Free books for schools
Total event sales Minimum amount of free books earned % of Free Books
Over £600 £360 60%
£250 - £599.99 £75 30%
£120 - £249.99 £10 10%

Usborne discounts for school or library orders

If a school or library would like to place an order with you without holding an event, you can still offer them discounts on their order. The discount they are entitled to depends on the gross value of sales of their order.

Usborne discounts for school and library orders
Total event sales % Discount
Over £600 30%
£250 - £599.99 20%
£120 - £249.99 10%

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"Schools' budgets are very limited and I give them the opportunity to get lots of lovely, new Usborne books for free!"

Julie Williams, Group Leader

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