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Benefits of having an Usborne book party

When the guests at a party spend a total of over £100 on Usborne books, the host receives a free book and generous discounts.  So at an average party of ten people, each guest need only spend £10 on beautiful books for their children and friends - easy!

When a party exceeds sales of £100 your host will:

  • Receive a free title - from a great choice of two seasonal titles
  • Get 10% of the party sales value (that's at least £10) in free books
  • Get 50% off any title or set of their choice for every party booking made at their party (up to a maximum of three bookings)

New Organisers - you can offer party hosts double the usual amount - that's 20% of sales value - as an extra incentive to help you along in your first six  weeks (check dates in your Welcome email).

The great thing about this is that by booking a future party, your host’s guests can benefit from all of these great host exclusives themselves! A fabulous reason to share and share alike.

Where next?

Not an Organiser but would like to host a party?

"For my first event I hosted a coffee morning. I live on a military 'patch' so there was no shortage of Mums. It got me off to a cracking start as I booked two parties from it and I'm now known on the patch as 'The Book Lady'!"

Adele Jackson, Usborne Organiser