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Fundraising for books

There are lots of different ways to raise money for your school to purchase brand new Usborne books, and our Independent Usborne Organiser are here to help.

Sponsored reading and listening events

Reading practice is crucial both to help children improve their literacy standards, but also to give them the skills to be able to engage in reading for pleasure. That's why teachers love Usborne's simple sponsored reading events: Ready, Steady...Read! for older children or Ready, Steady...Listen! for younger children. Both are great fundraising ideas that encourage reading at home and in school, and remind us of just how often we are reading without even realising it. These easy-to-administer initiatives allow your school to fundraise for, and benefit from, books which everyone will enjoy. If you want an exciting Usborne event that gets children actively involved in reading, then a sponsored event is ideal.

How do reading events work?

Children are sponsored to read as much as they can in a given time. This could be across a term, in the school holidays, or in a rapid 24 hour race - the choice is yours. Reading can include anything from books, comics and magazines, to websites, recipes or TV guides - anything with words.

An Independent Usborne Organiser will provide templates for reading logs for your pupils to record the total number of minutes they have spent reading. The sponsorship money can go towards any of your school's reading needs, whether this is new books for your school library, a new set of class readers, or as prizes for pupils themselves. Every penny counts, and depending on the amount of money raised, you could get up to 60% in free books for your school too!

Usborne Community Book Pledge

We often hear from teachers about the importance of involving the local community with school initiatives - that's why we offer a fantastic book pledge package.

The Usborne Community Book Pledge is a simple, easy way for you to increase vital reading resources in your school.

There are over 2500 titles to choose from, and in addition to the donations made, Usborne offers up to 60% in free books!

How does a Book Pledge work?

With your written permission, an Usborne Organiser will contact local businesses and organisations on your behalf, asking them to make a small donation to buy Usborne books for your school.

Organisers provide a unique service, taking care of everything, from pledge letters and posters to collecting donations and delivering books - all you have to do is confirm that your school is happy to be the beneficiary.

Where next?

"Ready, Steady… Read! is one of the easiest reading events we have held and one of the most profitable! All the hard work was done by our local Usborne representative. I would recommend it to any busy teacher or Literacy Co-ordinator."

Mrs Sarah Watson, Deputy Headteacher of Briary Primary School