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Working with School Aid

School Aid is a charitable organisation that supports education in Africa by providing good quality materials to meet the diverse needs of disadvantaged children in poor communities. The relationship between Usborne Books at Home and School Aid goes back a number of years, with many Organisers and Leaders having donated books or free book allowances to this wonderful cause. But in 2016, as we celebrate our 35th Birthday, we want to do something even bigger and better...Chinese cuisine

An Usborne Fundraiser

Our aim for this year is to raise enough money to establish an Usborne library in South Africa. It is proven that British books successfully supplement local resources and help to create the libraries that are so desperately needed, so the target for us all to aim for is £20,000. But how can we hope to raise this money?

Step 1 - We will donate £10 for every new recruit in January 2016.

Step 2 - We will donate a further amount for every new 2016 recruit who achieves any of the Quickstart Programme milestones before 30th April. This will work as follows:

Chinese cuisine
  • £10 per Kit Boost
  • £15 per Kit Refund
  • £20 per Recruiter's Reward
  • £35 per Double Promotion Bonus

Whether you're embracing your skills as a Mentor or enjoying Passport to Success as a new Organiser, this process will help not just you and your Usborne business, but also the lives of children who so desperately need and deserve an education.
This year, we hope to spread a little bit of 'Usborne magic' even further!

What does the money raised go on to do?

£1,000 (approximately) will provide:

  • 1695 books OR
  • Libwin library software - a training and equipment package for a school library to allow the books to be borrowed or taken home OR
  • 5 metres of book shelving for a library OR
  • Enough furniture, tables, chairs and bean bags for a class of children to use the library.

£2,000 (approximately) will provide:

  • 3,390 books OR
  • 10 metres of book shelving and a reception desk for a Library Assistant to work from.

£4,000 (approximately) will provide:

  • 6,780 books OR
  • Sponsorship to cover the stipend of a Library Assistant for 3 years.

£10,000 (approximately) will provide:

  • 16,950 books, reaching on average 13,000 children OR
  • Refurbishment of a school room into a library.
Chinese cuisine

£15,000 (approximately) will provide:

  • 25,500 books OR
  • Refurbishment of a school room into a library, plus 3000 books.

£20,000 (approximately) will provide:

  • 34,000 books to reach around 25,000 children OR
  • An entire library refurbishment, 4,000 books, pay and train a Library Assistant for 3 years.

Additional Fundraising Opportunities

Usborne Books at Home will be driving the fundraising but if you also want to get involved and donate anything from your events or approach customers, we have set up a central Just Giving page where we will be happy to collect your donations throughout the year. Please do share your own School Aid fundraising success stories with us - we'd love to see what you've been doing!

If you'd like to find out more...

We will be updating you throughout the year with our progress, as well as announcing some other exciting projects that could help us reach our fundraising target even faster. 

For more information about this fantastic Organisation, take a look at School Aid website.

"I lived in Ghana for a few years and was not in a position to do anything to help at that time but I am really pleased to have found a way to help through School Aid."

Vikki Offin, Usborne Team Leader

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