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Travel Incentive 2016

Chinese cuisine

The Usborne Books at Home Travel Incentive gives Organisers the chance to jet off to amazing locations around the world, experiencing sheer luxury on an all-expenses paid adventure. This year's top incentive will be for Organisers who excel in their businesses during 2015. Could you be heading up, up and away in 2016?

Breathtaking Beijing

The Usborne Books at Home 2016 Travel Incentive - Thursday 14th - Tuesday 19th April 2016

Welcome to Beijing...

As the capital of the People's Republic of China, this breathtaking city is the nation's centure for culture, education, international trade and communication. It is one of the country's six ancient cities and an amazing place to explore the past, as well as the distinctly modern future.

Let us take you on a journey of discovery, over the Great Wall of China and into a mesmerising metropolis with this brand new Travel Incentive.

Chapter One


Our adventure begins with an overnight flight to Beijing, where the excitement is sure to hit everyone once we touch down! As you get your first glimpse of this vast city, we will take a transfer to the 4-star International Hotel for four nights.

With wall-to-wall sparkle, this beautiful accommodation is situated in the heart of Beijing and offers real luxury with an indoor swimming pool, fitness centre, spa, tennis court and 12 lane bowling alley. The perfect recipe for any down time during our trip.

Once everyone has settled in, we will head out for the first of many culinery delights, taking in the sights and sounds of China with every step.

Chapter Two

A new day, and a new experience awaits with a trip to the famous Forbidden City. Ringed by a 52m-wide moat at the very heart of Beijing, this is China's largest and best-preserved collection of ancient buildings and the largest palace complex in the world. Take in the awe-inspiring settings that were home to the emperors of China for over 500 years and the palace museum that is steeped in history and beauty.

Chapter Three

Great Wall of ChinaDay Three marks a trip to Tiananmen Square, where you will get the chance to marvel at the striking Tiananmen Tower (the Gate of Heavenly Peace) and the route to the ancient Imperial City. Surrounded by stunning marble bridges, this really will be a sight to behold.

Next, it's off on a trip to the Summer Palace. First built in 1750, this is a masterpiece of Chinese landscape garden design. The natural backdrop of hills and open water combines with features such as pavillions, halls, palaces, temples and bridges to form an outstanding picture of grandure. You'll be sure to pinch yourself when you see it!

Chapter Four

As Day Four approaches, what could be better than a glimpse of the Great Wall of China? But we can offer even better than that with a trip to Mutianyu. Famous for gorgeous scenery all year round, you can take a trip on a cable car or relish the opportunity to climb the steps themselves. This will be the place to see the best preserved parts of the Great Wall and Beijing. There will also be a tasty lunch and peking duck dinner to look forward to on this truly memorable day.

Chapter Five

Temple of HeavenOur final full day in Beijing includes a visit to the Temple of Heaven. Located in Southern Beijing and first constructed in 1420, this was the place where the emporers of Ming and Qing dynasties would worship. It is the largest architectual complex in the world for rituals and an amazing place to soak up Beijing's culture.

The afternoon is yours to spend however you would like. Whether that's heading for the shopping districts, discovering the Olympic Park or relaxing in the hotel - the choice is yours.

As the sun sets on our last day, take a moment to digest this once in a lifetime experience with your Usborne friends and enjoy a dinner that will allow us to raise a glass to your achievements.

Chapter Six

As you board the flight home and your travel story concludes, we hope you take home some fantastic memories of your adventure in Breathtaking Beijing.

How to win

To ensure your place on this once in a lifetime trip to Beijing, see the criteria.

We hope to see you at the airport! Best of luck!

If you would like to join Usborne Books at Home as an Organiser, contact us or speak to the person who showed you this page. You never know, it could be you jetting off in 2016!

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"The chance to spend quality time with other leaders in inspiring surroundings is such a prize, it makes you think about just what you achieved over the year to win it. It's like a way of Usborne saying 'Congratulations, you're special!'"

Sandy Wild, Independent Usborne Organiser