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Incentives | Quickstart Programme

Quickstart Programme

Chinese cuisineThe Quickstart Programme is all about making the most of your first 12 weeks with Usborne Books at Home, with goals that will help to get you off to a fantastic start.

As you achieve each goal, we recognise your success - and the rewards help boost your business even further. Upon joining, you will find a 12 week planner at the back of your Passport to Success booklet, which you can use to keep a record of your progress and map out your future plans.

Chinese cuisineHow the Quickstart Programme works

This incentive rewards you for four separate achievements in the early stages of your business. Reach ANY OR ALL of these milestones and you will get your Usborne business off to a really good start!

  • Kit Boost - you will receive a pack of books and stationery worth over £50 when you submit three £100+ orders within your first three weeks of joining.
  • Kit Refund - Usborne will refund the cost of your Starter Kit when you submit six £100+ orders within your first six weeks of joining.
  • Recruiter's Reward - you will receive a free four month subscription to the Online Marketing Package; giving you your own personalised website and monthly e-newsletter.
  • Double Promotion Bonus - you will receive a £200 cash bonus and enter the Business Development Programme at Gold level in the season following your promotion. Visit the Building a team page to find out more about becoming a Team Leader.

Take a look at the Passport to Success booklet or speak to your Mentor for more information.

"The Quickstart Programme is a great way to show new Organisers they are not alone and help is there every step of the way." Sara Knowles, Team Leader