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Stories of vampires

Young Reading Series 3 Classic stories
Stories of vampires

  • Three vampire tales for children ready to tackle longer and more complex stories.
  • Young heroes and heroines meet pale and mysterious strangers. But whom should they trust? And will they survive the night?
  • Part of the Usborne Reading Programme developed with reading experts at the University of Roehampton.


Key Stage: KS2; Age 7+

Lexile Measure: 640L

Book Band: 11 - Lime

CEFR Level: C1

Hardback with ribbon marker:
Price: £5.99
ISBN: 9781409509967
64 pages
196 x 130mm

Author/Editor: Louie Stowell

Illustrator: Gabo Leon Bernstein

Reader Reviews

the book would appeal to boys more than girls
from my experience, this book would appeal to boys rather than girls, not really stories little girls should look up to, first of all it's all stereotypical all the females in the story are damsels in distress's which is problematic, as two stories were obviously based in the 19th century or whatever so all i guess it'll make sense for them to make the females helpless and weaker than men since that's how most of them were raised back then, but there's another one which is based in modern times, there's a female kid vampire and she's supposed to be good but the problem here is that she's just as helpless and cowardly as the other ones, since she's a child vampire that would make sense, but if she's years old shouldn't she have aged mentally? i mean come on, this book was made in modern times shouldn't the females have some main role? like working together with the male lead to bring down the vampires, like a little bit of fighting even that wouldn't have been bad, it's literally keeping them behind telling them that they have to depend on a man for everything and none of the females in the book have a strong personality that's even more problematic..last but not least none of the stories were interesting in any way..the first one was okay but the last two were just lame..

shaheen, 23rd August 2019
Jason's Vampire Review
The book was brillant because of the good pitures and lots of action. My favourite character is James because he killed the vampires.

Jason, 15th November 2011
Stories of Vampires
I thought this was a really good book because i read it at Halloween time and this made it exciting. I like books that have vampires involved in them and this one was really cool. My favourite chapter was chapter 3 because it had really nice pictures in it and I liked the way they described the scenery.

Tala Davidson, 13th November 2011
stories of vampires
I like this book because it taught me lots of stuff about vampires. It was so cool and I want to read it again. I want my sister to read it too. It has unusual words in it.

Hannah Hogg, 13th November 2011


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