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Billy and the Mini Monsters – Monsters in the Dark

Billy and the Mini Monsters – Monsters in the Dark

Young Reading Series 2 Billy and the Mini Monsters: Book 1
Billy and the Mini Monsters – Monsters in the Dark

Billy’s scared of the dark, so he’s trying hard to stay awake ALL night. But then he hears a squeaky little voice and notices some tiny purple footprints. Not only that, SOMETHING has ATTACKED his cheese sandwich. What could it be? Does Billy dare find out? Meet Billy and the Mini Monsters in this laugh-out-loud adventure series for young readers, with colourful illustrations throughout.

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Key Stage: EYFS/KS1 E; Age 6+

Lexile Measure: 500L

Book Band: 8 - Purple

BIC: A2N79

Price: £5.99
ISBN: 9781409593416
80 pages
196 x 130mm

Price: £4.99
ISBN: 9781474978347
80 pages
198 x 130mm

Illustrator: Melanie Williamson

Zanna Davidson

Zanna Davidson has written over fifty books for children, both non-fiction and fiction. Her stories for children include the Fairy Ponies, Fairy Unicorns and Billy and the Mini Monsters series for Usborne. She lives in the countryside in a cottage on the edge of some deep, dark woods with two small boys and her scruffy black dog, Fred.

Zanna Davidson


Selected for The Reading Agency's Summer Reading Challenge 2018

Shortlisted - Sheffield Children's Book Award 2018 (Emerging Reads 7-9 category)

Press Reviews

A really clever, funny book. When we see the story from the mini monsters' point of view, the
book becomes a cartoon, which is really imaginative and my four year old twins really enjoyed
that aspect.

Toppsta reader review

Reader Reviews

My Boys' Favorite Books
I can't believe how much my 3 and 4 year old boys love all the characters in these books. My 4 year old is encouraged to read because of the funny and fast-paced storylines. I catch myself laughing out loud at the illustrations with them. (And what little boy can help giggling at 'Captain Snot' and Trumpet tooting after he eats cheese?:)

Rachel, 18th November 2019
Monsters in the Dark
I liked the book. The best part that I liked was the cheese trap. My favourite monster is Trumpet because he does amazingly cheese powered farts. Espen aged 5.

Espen, 7th July 2018
I shared this book with my class of first and second graders and they LOVED it! They were laughing and very engaged as I read aloud. As soon as I finished they wanted me to read another one. It has age appropriate clean humor. It is a fun book that all my students enjoyed!

Christina, 28th March 2018