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Romans sticker book

Romans sticker book

Sticker books illustrated by Paul Nicholls
Romans sticker book

  • A fascinating sticker book, with over 300 stickers to bring the scenes from Ancient Rome to life.
  • Featuring everything from gladiators fighting in the Colosseum to a bustling Roman army camp filled with soldiers; from an extravagant banquet in a senator’s house to domestic scenes of Romans going about their daily business.
  • A book that will educate as well as entertain!


Key Stage: KS1; Age 5+

Price: £6.99
ISBN: 9781409530725
24 pages + 10 sticker pages
305 x 238mm

Author/Editor: Fiona Watt

Illustrator: Paul Nicholls

Reader Reviews

Highly recommended
I've found Usborne Sticker Books to be a great, fun and entertaining way to introduce historical periods to our daughter. The Romans Sticker Book does a wonderful job of illustrating what day-to-day life in Ancient Rome was like. It's packed with useful and educational snippets of information.

Rochelle, 15th August 2012