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See inside inventions

See inside
See inside inventions

  • Over 60 flaps to lift to discover the wonderful, mysterious and often funny stories behind some of the world’s most ground-breaking inventions.
  • Featuring eye-catching illustrations, quirky facts, and surprises such as flaps within flaps.
  • With internet links to websites to find out more and design your own inventions.
“A hands-on science lesson!”
Lancashire Evening Post


Key Stage: KS2; Age 6+

Price: £9.99
ISBN: 9781409532729
16 pages
276 x 216mm

Illustrator: Colin King

Alex Frith

Alex Frith has been a children's author for more than a decade, covering every topic on Earth, from prehistoric animals to robots with artificial intelligence, and everything under the Sun, from the origins of the Universe to the adventures of Thor, God of Thunder. At home he reads too many comics, and attempts to raise three children with an awful lot of help from his wife, and no help at all from his cat.

Alex Frith


Shortlisted - The Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize 2012
The Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize celebrates the best science books designed for young readers. Announcing the shortlist, the judges said about See Inside Inventions: “It’s wonderful to see a whole book devoted to the stories behind the world’s most important inventions and we hope that this one might inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs.” The six titles on the shortlist are now being judged by panels of young people across the UK, before the winner is announced at the award ceremony on 15 November 2012.

Press Reviews

I would recommend this book. I liked the flaps and pictures. The information was interesting. Some of it I already knew, but there was lots I didn’t. I liked reading about the Swiss engineer who invented Velcro. He got the idea from the burrs that stuck to his dog.
Angus Whitworth, age 9, The Times Eureka Magazine
Famous inventions often come about for strange reasons and this book shows how things were invented, often by chance, such as the sticky burrs on a dog's coat that led to the introduction of velcro.. Lift the flaps (over 60 of them) to reveal intricate drawings which show the hidden workings inside inventions. Engines, flying machines, electricity and more - all explained in easy-to-understand language.
Parents in Touch
I absolutely loved the interactivity of this ‘lift the flaps’ book... What’s more it is not just a parade of facts – we find out about people and the history behind the inventions, essential context to make the science interesting.
Popular Science
Find out more about the world's most fascinating and funny inventions.
Hay Fever blog
There’s a lot to be said for flaps. They draw out curiosity (who wouldn’t want to know what is hidden behind a flap), they introduce drama to reading (what’s going to be revealed…?) and they keep hands busy (great if your reader isn’t one who likes to sit still), so See Inside Inventions was already looking like a winner, even before we started reading... when we did start reading, we loved the book even more.
Playing by the Book blog