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Growing up

Facts of Life
Growing up

  • A very approachable and reassuring account of exactly what happens in the body at puberty.
  • Includes informative sections on sex, contraception, sexually transmitted infections and drugs, as well as advice on healthy eating, exercise and hygiene.
  • Winner of the Times Educational Supplement Information Book Award.
“Time after time, manages tricky subjects without fuss”
Times Educational Supplement


Key Stage: KS3 S/PSHE; Age 10+

Price: £6.99
ISBN: 9780746031421
48 pages
240 x 170mm

Author/Editor: Susan Meredith


Winner - The Times Information Book Award

Press Reviews

This award-winning and thoughtful book will help to reassure anyone going through adolescence about the changes that occur to the body during puberty. It tackles in a clear and direct way issues such as hormones, sex, contraception, sexually transmitted infections and drugs, and contains valuable advice on healthy eating, exercise and hygiene.
Term Times
Absolutely excellent. It covers a fantastic amount of information in a clear and informative way... extremely reassuring.
"straight-talking facts on everything you need to know about growning up"
My Guy
"direct and caring information"
Just Seventeen
Time after time, Growing Up manages tricky subjects without fuss... The text is sanely direct ... in everything it covers, the book will inform, relieve anxiety and ... it will teach one sex about the other with graphic clarity.
Times Educational Supplement

Reader Reviews

Thank heavens it's still in publication
I remember this book as I was given it by my parents when I was growing up, and now that I have a daughter of my own who is of the same age I have now handed down my copy which is nearly 20 years old. It is timeless and I hope it gives her the confidence I had about her body the same way it gave me confidence about mine.

sasha, 8th September 2012
I think this book is very interesting my mother rates it five stars and so do I. Now that I am growing up I don't have to ask my mum all about this and that, I just flick through the book and I am done. Simple and easy to read and I am more confident about me growing up and my body changing!

Charlotte, 4th May 2009
it's very informative
It's excellent. Anything you need to know it gives a clear description of what it is and means. Personally I think it sets you off in a very good way and is easy to understand. I've got to admit, it really helped me.

niamh, 23rd November 2008
The best ever book on growing up.
this book should be rated 5 stars. it is very interesting and tells you everything you need to know about growing up. it tells you tips on how not to be embarrassed with things like periods, and it is a very, very useful book.

heather, 16th April 2007