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See inside science

See inside
See inside science

  • Fabulous flap book that demonstrates basic scientific ideas in a simple and engaging way.
  • Each double page shows key ideas from a different branch of science, including astronomy, ecology, chemistry and physics.
  • Reveals the secrets of how our world works and provides children with a strong foundation in science.
  • Includes internet links to websites with video clips, games and activities to find out more.
“It would be impossible to praise this series too highly.”
Bookseller Back to School June 2007


Key Stage: KS1/2 S; Age 6+

Price: £9.99
ISBN: 9780746077443
16 pages with embedded flaps
276 x 216mm

Illustrator: Colin King

Alex Frith

Alex Frith has been a children's author for more than a decade, covering every topic on Earth, from prehistoric animals to robots with artificial intelligence, and everything under the Sun, from the origins of the Universe to the adventures of Thor, God of Thunder. At home he reads too many comics, and attempts to raise three children with an awful lot of help from his wife, and no help at all from his cat.

Alex Frith

Press Reviews

This book was about science, space, the sky, the smallest things, the jungle, mixed reactions, putting things together, seeing into the future and the secrets behind everything. The pictures were very good... I think my friends would like this book. In fact, one of my friends in my class (primary 2) has it now.
Yogi (age 7), The Biologist

Reader Reviews

Excellent introduction to science
I gave this to my son Jack (age 6.5), he loves it and has been firing questions at me ever since!

Karen Kingston, 2nd March 2009
see inside science
I really enjoyed page 12 because of the robot. I like all the gadgets and pictures.

kasparchurchill, 1st March 2008


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