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Free Mini Astronaut's Handbook

Free Mini Astronaut's Handbook

Free Mini Astronaut's Handbook

This free ebook is a funny and fascinating mini how-to guide for budding astronauts. It's a free sampler for The Usborne Official Astronaut's Handbook (available on this website) and has a personal message from the British European Space Agency astronaut, Tim Peake, who spent six months on the International Space Station in 2016, and exclusive insights from the UK Space Agency and ESA who have provided expert advice.


Age: 9+

Author/Editor: Louie Stowell, Jonathan Melmoth

Illustrator: Roger Simo

Press Reviews

Jack, Chatterbooks reviewer
Full of interesting facts about space.
Brandon, Chatterbooks reviewer
The bit I liked best was space cadet training, where it told you all he training you have to do to become an astronaut.
Toby Dale, Chatterbooks reviewer
The book tells you that you can be an astronaut too, and go on amazing missions that you never thought you could.
Sophia Eaton, Chatterbooks reviewer
This sample was very informative..I learnt facts about astronauts, rockets, equipment in space, space food and jobs you can do other than astronauts...I can’t wait to read the complete book.
Dylan Sweet, for
I like the footnotes that give you little snippets of information which will be more detailed in the real book, e.g. how they pee and poo! Also, I like the colourful illustrations.
Daniel Bisland, for
I won’t be a good astronaut because I need to be comfy and can’t live in small spaces! I can’t wait for the official book to come out.
Alexander Bisland, for
This book is amazing. It tells me all about spaceships and space. My fave page is working on the ISS because it is amazing. This is so cool I want the proper book.
Elizabeth Bridgeman, for
This sample handbook was epic! I have already got my Mum to order the full book. Highly recommend to any budding astronauts!
Tomasz Hawryszczuk, for

Reader Reviews

Brilliant book!!
This book is amazing, I am not usually a fan of non-fiction books but the way this book is written really enables you to imagine life as an astronaut.

Higgle, 10th February 2018