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100 things to spot in the night sky

100 things to spot in the night sky

Spotter's cards
100 things to spot in the night sky

  • A pack of 50, double-sided, pocket-sized cards to help identify constellations, planets, meteors and other starry sights.
  • Each card shows a feature of the night sky, one to a side, including a detailed picture and description, interesting facts, statistics and position in the night sky.
  • An easy, convenient and informative companion for stargazing in the outdoors or through a telescope.
  • With internet links to star maps and websites to find out more.


Key Stage: KS2 S/G; Age 6+

Box of cards:
Price: £6.99
ISBN: 9780746088623
52 cards
154 x 98mm

Author/Editor: Philip Clarke

Reader Reviews

Not recommend as cards
Disappointed with this card set. The quality of the printing and information on them is good, however the format is lacking. I really dislike that the cards are printed front to back, so you're constantly flipping them over (i.e. when reviewing planets you can't see all of them at once, and Pluto is grouped with them which is confusing). It would make sense if they were on a ring but no hole is punched and that's a lot of cards to do myself. These cards are good for a reference (but personally I'd prefer a reference as a book with more interesting facts) but not great for review/quiz/grouping as you would expect cards to be.

Lesley, 29th February 2020
The night sky is amazing!
These spotter's cards are fact-filled and suitable for both children and adults to use. I can also learn more about each of the planets and constellations in the night sky using these spotter's cards. I spent much time with my parents looking through these cards and trying to spot the constellations in the night sky using our very own telescope. So, keep it up, Usborne! The best book in the world!!

Rigel, 1st June 2011
Constellations are cool!
I would choose Usborne's 100 Things to Spot in the Night Sky Spotter's cards because I love astronomy. Besides than learn to spot the constellations, planets and meteors, I can even learn about them with my friends. They are also small and convenient in size. I can bring them anywhere I go or when visiting my relatives. We can look for the constellations together that night. Usborne is absolutely the best!!!

Nishod, 20th November 2010