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50 optical illusions

Activity cards and tins
50 optical illusions

  • A set of 50 of the most amazing optical illusions ever created.
  • Each card has a mind-boggling illusion on one side and an explanation of how it works on the other.
  • Includes a “revealer” card to help check colours and take measurements to show that seeing really is believing.


Key Stage: KS1 A/DT; Age 6+

Box of cards:
Price: £6.99
ISBN: 9781409507796
50 cards
154 x 98mm

Author/Editor: Sam Taplin

Reader Reviews

There are lots of optical illusions to try out in this amazing little pack! I like all of them so much I can't tell you which is my favourite.

Emily, 19th April 2014
I have these and they are perfect for my science fair project with my partner, they give you the answer as to why this illusion bothers the human mind and our scientific question is how do optical illusions influence the brain.

ScienceFairGal, 3rd January 2011