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First thousand words in Japanese

First thousand words in Japanese

First thousand words
First thousand words in Japanese

  • A classic bilingual English/Japanese word book illustrated with busy scenes and labelled pictures to help children learn key Japanese vocabulary.
  • Next to each picture, the Japanese word is written in kana, the Japanese syllabic signs often used for beginners, along with a transliteration in Roman letters.
  • Includes a short introduction to kana with a simple pronunciation guide and an English/Japanese list of all the words in the book.
  • Readers can hear how to pronounce all the words by listening to a native speaker on the Usborne Quicklinks website.


Key Stage: KS1/2 MFL; Age 5+

BIC: B2N79

Price: £7.99
ISBN: 9781409570370
64 pages
305 x 229mm

Illustrator: Stephen Cartwright

Heather Amery

Heather Amery was born and brought up in Bath, Somerset. Heather has written over a hundred books for children, including alphabet books, science and history books, craft books, classical fairy tales, a series for beginner readers called Farmyard Tales, Bible stories, and Greek Myths. She has also compiled word books, song books, and books of poetry.

Press Reviews

“The perfect start to learning a new language, this mini guide to one thousand useful words in Japanese will help you if you go on holiday to Japan, or if you meet Japanese friends in your own country. It’s a fun way to learn a new skill and great for all of you who are interested in languages and who are planning on doing some travelling when you are older.”


Reader Reviews

This is very well written
I am learning Japanese right now ,and this book helped me with words and how to pronounce them. If you want to get started in Japanese use this great book.

Yesterdaydogyes3, 14th May 2019
First 1000 Words in Japanese
I bought this book because I plan to move to Japan sometime soon & need to study the language & words and meanings & this book teaches me the words & what they mean in English!!! Even though my front of the book is different it's still good!!! I love this book & recommend it to anyone starting out with a new language!!! ^-^

Dawn Jones, 6th July 2009