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Make this Roman villa

Make this Roman villa

Cut-out models
Make this Roman villa

  • Printed on stiff card, this book contains templates to cut out and construct a superb model of a Roman villa crammed with authentic detail.
  • The base of the model measures 60 x 46cm.


Key Stage: KS2/3 H/DT; Age 9+

Price: £7.99
ISBN: 9781409506195
32 pages
305 x 229mm

Author/Editor: Iain Ashman

Press Reviews

Offers children aged four to eight a fun and interactive history lesson on the grand architecture and lifestyle of the ancient Romans. Rome wasn't built in a day, they say but, fortunately, this villa can be easily built in under an hour with adult assistance (a little or a lot, depending on the age of your young builder/s).The model proved engaging and challenging for its target audience, and we were able to bring this little piece of ancient Rome to 3D life with a minimum of fuss. And we thought the finished product was not bad at all for novice villa builder. website

Reader Reviews

My daughter bought this in Pompei as she loves crafts, and has been so disappointed. I have a few complaints about this book/craft: 1. Nowhere on the book does it state the appropriate age. It only says it’s not suitable for children under 36months due to small parts. My daughter is 6 and would never be able to do this. To be honest I don’t think even a 9yr old would be able to do it as some parts fold very intricately and some of the cut-out work is very intricate. 2. The parts sizes are not accurate. A few times I had to make adjustments just to make it work as some parts are too short and others too long to fit. (Especially the walls) 3. The instructions are very vague. I have a degree in construction and I struggled to understand how some parts fit together. All in all I think this was a waste of my daughter’s hard earned pocket money.

Sorina Du Toit, 9th August 2019