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See inside your body

See inside
See inside your body

  • Fabulous flap book that reveals the inner workings of the human body.
  • Bright, original colour illustrations and diagrams display all the major organs of the human body and are accompanied by witty, clear and informative text.
  • Contains over fifty embedded flaps that children can lift to reveal extra detail.
“It would be impossible to praise this series too highly.”
Bookseller Back to School June 2007


Key Stage: KS1/2 S; Age 6+

Price: £9.99
ISBN: 9780746070055
16 pages
276 x 216mm

Katie Daynes

Katie Daynes has written oodles of books for Usborne, from lifting the flaps on germs and poo, through things to spot in the sea and at school, to the life stories of Nelson Mandela and Marie Antoinette. She wrote My First Chess Book after being taught by her son, Joe Birks, who became the British Under 9 Chess Champion in 2017. She now lives in Yorkshire with her architect husband, two inquisitive children and a hamster called Toffee. When she’s not writing books, Katie likes walking on the blustery moors, meeting friends for coffee and playing competitive board games.

Katie Daynes

Press Reviews

An entertaining book… Parents will learn a thing or two along the way, as well.
Sunday Express
This is a great book for introducing children to the inner workings of the human body. It is especially good for children with why and how questions about what happens in their bodies. The lift flaps are excellent at keeping the books and content interactive and entertaining.
Toppsta Reader Review
A smart, fun, exciting, interactive introduction to what is arguably the most fascinating topic of scientific study, the human body. The flap panels encourage the reader to participate in the journey into the hidden wonders that our body has to offer, taking them deeper into the functionality and intricate detail of our tissues. With a perfect balance of scientific terminology and simplistic explanations of the various systems in our bodies, the young anatomist will find this book informative and stimulating. It’s a superb introduction to the human body!
Dr. Gemma Balmer
Two that my daughter (nearly five) adores and goes back to again and again are See Inside Your Body by Katie Daynes (£8.99) and The Flip-Flap Body Book (£7.99, both Usborne). The first is fairly detailed, and it covers eating, excreting, bones, muscles and the senses and has lift-up flaps. It’s really good for learning about food and what happens to it. You can read out the simpler bits and go into more details as she gets older. If you were to buy just one book for her that would be right for her now and last for a couple more years, this would be my recommendation. The Flip-Flap Body Book covers food and digestion, the sense and how babies are made in a very basic fashion (note: each of these topics is the subject of a separate book that goes into more detail and costs £4.99) but it’s very accessible and aimed at young children.
Annalisa Barbieri - The Guardian - Best chilren's books on the human body

Reader Reviews

Cant put it down
I cant believe bow much my 6 yr old is learning from this book, we've looked at it nearly every night since Christmas and hes fascinated.

Sarahlou78, 15th January 2020
Medical Mom
I am a mother of 5 and I work in the medical field. This book keeps all of my kids entertained. This is a book we can all read and learn together. My two and four year old love lifting the flaps as I read to my nine and eleven year old. They have found this book to be entertaining and educational.

Jessica West, 12th March 2017
Best kids book ever
We have a ton of books. This one is just amazing. It's been my kid's favourite book for well over a year, since the day she got it. When her friends come over they are always reading it. Explains the body better than I can and she has retained so much knowledge. The most fun she'll ever have learning!

Genevieve Dennis, 28th February 2016
Wonderful book!
My 3 year old daughter is completely enthralled by this book. She loves finding out what different organs do and what they are called. I am a lab tech, and have taken the opportunity to start teaching her the medical terms for different structures as well as some of the bones. I think she now knows more about the body than many people 10 years her senior. The flaps and artwork and little characters capture her attention, sometimes for hours. The production of waste, the cut, the germs in the blood and the lung, and the skeleton are particularly interesting, but her favorite by far is the broken tibia. My daughter loves this book and so do I. I highly recommend it!

Kim, 17th September 2015
See inside your body review
I bought this book for my little girl who was asking a lot of questions about the body that I didn't know how to explain to her in a way she would understand. This book is fantastic!! I can't say a bad word about it. It's a great way to have fun with your child whilst they learn. Even my 2 yr old son sits down with us whilst we read and he's picked up quite a lot of info. I would highly reccomend this book to any parent and even school children to read themselves. For 9.99 you can't complain, money well spent I say.

Mrs Dwyer, 8th April 2011
See Inside Your Body
This book is excellent for all ages, gives a really good insight to a human body and the colourful way the book shows this is good.

Emma English, 21st November 2009
See inside your body
Absolutely fantastic. My daughter, Hollie age 3, thinks this book is fascinating, really interested in every page, especially lift-up flaps.

Nina Asquith, 12th June 2009
Wonderful Learning Book
I recently purchased this book for my 4 yr old. She had been asking a lot of questions that I could not answer, so I purchased the book after looking through it a bit. It has wonderful illustrations that are easy to understand, and the interactive flaps are fun to lift up. I find it so much easier now to describe things to her, with help from this book! Thank you!

Corrie MacDonald, 20th January 2009
see inside your body
i think this book is nice. i read it in the library, i love it sooooooooo much it is cool, i love the little people in it. could you make more books like it cos your my favorite book company

tiya banda, 7th July 2008
See inside your body book review
this is a super book for the inquisitive child. there is enough easy english to encourage new readers to have a go themselves, and enough of the harder words to keep the older ones (and adults) interested. the colours are great and the flaps prove irresistible to small fingers. the topics covered are sensible and appealing to the young audience e.g. eating & excreting, and the section on breathing (pictures of healthy & unhealthy lungs) get the no smoking message across without even seeming to try. the book has proved well worth the price in our household. we have had it over a year now, it is extremely well thumbed but the flaps are holding up very well. thank you.

mrs e hillman, 13th May 2007