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It Only Happens in the Movies

It Only Happens in the Movies

Holly Bourne
It Only Happens in the Movies

Bad boys turned good, kisses in the rain, climbing through bedroom windows... It only happens in the movies.

When Audrey meets Harry, it’s the start of a truly cinematic romance – or is it?

Audrey knows that Harry is every movie cliché rolled into one. But she still chooses to let him into her heart...

“Holly Bourne is something special, she's got it.”
Patrick Ness
“Sharp, honest and laugh-out-loud funny, Holly Bourne's radiant novel offers a welcome twist on a regular YA romance.”
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Age: 14+

BIC: E3N79

Price: £7.99
ISBN: 9781474921329
198 x 130mm

Holly Bourne

Holly Bourne is a bestselling and critically acclaimed author. Inspired by her work with young people, and her own experiences of everyday sexism, Holly is a passionate mental health advocate and proud feminist.

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Holly Bourne


Shortlisted - Lancashire Book of the Year 2019

Longlisted - Amazing Book Awards 2019

Shortlisted - YA Book Prize

Press Reviews

A frank and funny look at teenage life.
Sunday Express
Plenty of romance.
Worcester News
tackle[s] [...] with themes of female empowerment, heroines that reflect reality, outgrowing friendships and what it's like trying to prop up struggling parents.
Woman's Way
Smart, funny, honest.
The Independent
This is Bourne at her outrageous, courageous, necessary best.
The Guardian
What’s amazing about Bourne’s writing is that her characters feel real and genuine.
Surrey Comet
I honestly cannot rave about this book enough. The bright yellow cover, filled with popcorn may promise a light-hearted read but believe me when I tell you this book is anything but. It Only Happens In The Movies deals with some difficult topics so, so well and I’m not even kidding when I say Audrey will stay in my heart for so long after this. I came to love her like she was a family member, her mother, too. I wanted to rage on her behalf about all the bad things and be there for her when she needed someone and when I closed this book I really felt like I’d left her behind, somehow. Holly Bourne you are a class act, a brilliant writer and I want to thank you immensely for this outstanding novel.
Leah Reads Books
Holly understands what it means to want the real thing and get a cheap knock off instead. [...] This is such an important book for all of us, Holly knows what she's doing and now I'm going to read everything she has ever written.
Rebecca (Blogger - This Booky Place)
Again, I really loved this book and was hooked on reading it till the very end, and managed to read it all in one sitting. If you’re looking for a YA contemporary novel that’s a little bit different, and includes family, messed up relationships and feminist rants – and surprises that you might not initially expect – this one’s for you!
Marie (Blogger - Lots of Livres)
This book is a great reflection on all things relationship, first love, betrayal and the strength of friendship. A MUST read for all teenagers, confident readers and reluctant
Linda Brown, School Librarian, for ReadingZone

Reader Reviews

It Only Happens in the Movies
Holy freaking hell. This is Holly Bourne's best book to date. I absolutely loved how it broke down the conventions of romance films, and the romance genre in general. Some chapters start with a romantic convention and compare it to real life, from kissing to dates and everything in between

Jess (Blogger - Read By Jess), 6th March 2018
It Only Happens in the Movies
My new favourite book in the world ever.

Iona, 5th September 2017