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Dragon Trouble

Unipiggle the Unicorn Pig
Dragon Trouble

Meet the princess who loves breaking the rules, and her Royal Unicorn, who happens to be a pig! There’s trouble in store for Unipiggle and Princess Pea when a naughty dragon accidentally magics a dinosaur into Twinkleland… Will the dinosaur CRASH and BASH and SMASH down Twinkleland? Or can Unipiggle and Princess Pea find a way to stop the dino?


Age: 5+

Price: £5.99
ISBN: 9781474972185
128 pages
180 x 129mm

Illustrator: Hannah Shaw

Hannah Shaw

Hannah Shaw loves nothing more than making children laugh, and won the Waterstone’s Children's Book Prize for her illustrations in The Great Hamster Massacre. She studied at the University of Brighton and now lives in Stroud with her husband, smelly dog and two young children who steal her favourite drawing pens but provide great inspiration.

Hannah Shaw