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Eddy Stone and the Mean Genie's Curse

Eddy Stone and the Mean Genie's Curse

Eddy Stone Adventures: Book 3
Eddy Stone and the Mean Genie's Curse

When Eddy Stone accidentally releases a wizard from a cursed lamp, his town's wishes start coming true and his world is turned upside down. Tumbling into a land of genies, mad emperors and dancing camels, can Eddy put a stop to this wayward wishing?


Key Stage: KS2 E; Age 9+

BIC: C3N79

Price: £6.99
ISBN: 9781474936750
304 pages
198 x 130mm

Illustrator: Francis Blake

Simon Cherry

Simon Cherry is an experienced television producer, writer and director who worked in Melvyn Bragg’s Arts Department at ITV for almost twenty years. Simon lives in Surrey with his wife, two teenage sons and a ginger cat, and hopes that one day his shed might also turn into a sailing ship. Eddy Stone and the Epic Holiday Mash-up was Simon’s first book for children.

Simon Cherry