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Illustrated nursery rhymes

Illustrated nursery rhymes

Story collections
Illustrated nursery rhymes

  • A beautiful gift edition of over 100 traditional nursery rhymes, stylishly presented with a padded cover.
  • With enchanting illustrations alongside well-known tongue-twisters, sayings and lullabies.
  • A wonderful gift that is sure to be treasured.


Key Stage: EYFS/KS1; Age 2+

BIC: A1N79

Padded Hardback:
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 9781409524069
128 pages
213 x 167mm

Illustrator: Laura Rigo

Felicity Brooks

Felicity Brooks is an Editorial Director and writer at Usborne Publishing. She studied English and Drama at Exeter University and worked as an actor, teacher and lexicographer before starting work in children’s publishing in the late 1980s. She has written and edited hundreds of children’s titles, including stories and novelty books for pre-schoolers and books about history, geography, languages, science, maths, nature and the arts. Her books have won the TES Senior Information Book Award, the Aventis Science Books Prize, the SLA Information Book Award, the Sheffield Baby Books Award and Practical Pre-school Gold and Silver Awards.

Felicity Brooks

Reader Reviews

Illustrated Stories for Girls
My daughter (3 1/2), husband and I all love to read the stories in this book. The book is beautifully bound giving it a very special rather magical appearance for a child. For nearly a year we have read these stories over and over and over and no-one in the family has tired of them. The illustrations and the text make the stories fun for everyone. Once my child has outgrown this book I plan on tucking it away with the hope of one day reading it to her children.

Ingrid Niechcial, 24th March 2009
A beautifully-produced book with fabulous illustrations
Even though I'm 21, I purchased this book to see if I could remember any of the stories from my childhood. I have heard of most of the stories and I like the illustrations, especially the ones by Stephen Cartwright because they are instantly recognisable. This is a wonderful story book for any girl aged 5 and over or for young ladies who are big girls at heart.

April Slocombe, 20th February 2009
Illustrated Stories for Girls
I have two girls 4 & 8 and we read a story from this book nearly every other night. Beautiful illustrations and enjoyable stories. A definite keepsake book to be handed from generation to generation.

Tammy Pirnak, 22nd November 2008