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Fox on a Box

Phonics readers
Fox on a Box

Hungry Fox has found a cardboard box - just what he needs to reach a series of tasty treats. But every time his cunning plan goes wrong. Perhaps the answer to his problem is nearer than he realizes? This charming tale with delightful illustrations by Stephen Cartwright makes learning phonics fun.


Age: 2+

Price: £5.99
ISBN: 9781474970150
24 pages
210 x 210mm

Illustrator: Stephen Cartwright

Susan Price

Susan Price was never very fond of school and saw reading and writing books as an escape from it.

At eleven, she first saw photographs of the beautiful Gokstad Viking ship, and read the Norse myths. After that, she wanted to learn everything she could about the Vikings. She now knows a great deal about them, has visited Scandinavia, and seen the Gokstad ship. Several of her books are set in the Viking age.

She wrote her first book, "The Devil's Piper", at the age of 16 and it was accepted for publication by Faber and Faber. She has gone on to win The Guardian Children’s Fiction Award for "The Sterkarm Handshake" and the Carnegie Medal for "The Ghost Drum".

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Susan Price