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Big picture book of general knowledge

Big picture book of general knowledge

Big picture books
Big picture book of general knowledge

When were the first fireworks made? How many satellites have been sent into space? And what does the word kimono mean? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this stunningly illustrated book, guaranteed to keep fact-loving, question-asking children entertained for hours on end. Includes internet links to websites to find out even more.


Key Stage: KS1/2; Age 6+

BIC: B5N79

Price: £12.99
ISBN: 9781474917889
32 pages
290 x 240mm

Illustrator: Annie Carbo

James Maclaine

James Maclaine joined Usborne Publishing in 2010. Since then he’s written books about meerkats, donkeys and several critters besides, come up with hundreds of drawing, doodling and colouring ideas, and devised puzzles and things to do for a range of activity books. But an illustrated thesaurus and a picture book about manners are the titles that he’s proudest to have authored. Recently, James walked a thousand miles across France and Spain, but he decided to come back to his job in London — because what could be better than writing books for children?

James Maclaine

Reader Reviews

I loved this book very much, probably the best I read. When I saw the first page I started thinking "oh my god, if the first page is soo interesting what would the other pages be like?", and the best part is that this book inspired me to make my own book using the information from this book.

aleeshay, 30th January 2019