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Big picture book dinosaurs

Big picture book dinosaurs

Big picture books
Big picture book dinosaurs

Discover the lost world of dinosaurs in this stylishly illustrated picture book. Each big picture scene shows dinosaurs that lived together during the same era, including old favourites like Stegosaurus and new discoveries like Zhenyuanlong. With lots of fascinating facts, and links to carefully selected websites to find out more.


Key Stage: EYFS H; Age 4+

BIC: A5N79

Price: £12.99
ISBN: 9781474922449
32 pages
290 x 240mm

Illustrator: Gianluca Foli

Laura Cowan

Laura studied literature at Cambridge and more literature at Trinity College Dublin. This means she’s read a lot of books, which helps when writing them. Before joining Usborne, she taught English in Barcelona for four years, as well as in Dublin and Cambridge. She now lives in East London with some plants and a lot of vintage clothes.

Laura Cowan