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November Picks for Schools

19th October 2018

November's picks are focused on English, with new additions to our phonics scheme for new readers, the Complete Dickens for readers looking to challenge themselves, and a creative writing book for budding authors themselves.
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October Picks for Schools

21st September 2018

With lots of new additions to Usborne's reading schemes, some fantastic fiction and an array of titles to cherish in any school library, October's picks are full of variety.
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School of the Term

4th September 2018

A brand new Usborne award to recognise the brilliant work that schools do to promote literacy and reading for pleasure.
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September Picks for Schools

17th August 2018

With subject based titles to suit everyone from KS1 to KS5 and lots of brilliant new fiction titles, September's Picks for Schools are perfect to kick-start a new school year.
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August Picks for Schools

20th July 2018

With reading titles in abundance, there is something to capture every pupil's interests from the earliest readers to young adults in August's picks.
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July Picks for Schools

15th June 2018

With lots of new fiction to enjoy and a range of new key skills practice pads, July's picks for schools are perfect for both extra help at home and a bit of relaxation with a new favourite book.
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June Picks for Schools

18th May 2018

With a whole host of books to read from phonics, to young reading, to YA fiction, June's picks are perfect for bookworms everywhere.
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May Picks for Schools

20th April 2018

With lots of brilliant new fiction to choose from, May's titles will enthuse readers with imaginative plots and inspiring characters.
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April Picks for Schools

16th March 2018

With a focus on art and home-learning, April's titles will inspire creativity, and help children to develop confidence in key skills.
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March Picks for Schools

16th February 2018

With a focus on different subjects, March's titles are perfect for enthusing an interest in a subject area, and for inspiring further learning about it.
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Usborne Community Book Pledge

2nd April 2014

Our Community Book pledge is a simple, easy way for schools to increase their vital reading resources and for local businesses to support them in doing so.
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Usborne Community Book Pledge