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What's the story behind that £1700+ order?

10th August 2015

Congratulations on your impressive recent order, Claire. Is there an exciting story behind the order?

"Thank you! Well, the school is my son's school. I have always spoken to them about the benefits of a 'Ready, Steady...Read!' and with a new Headmaster and Head of Literacy in place this year, and my place as Treasurer on the PTA, I presented them with all of the information and a case study of a previous, very successful 'Ready, Steady...Read!' I did a couple of years ago in a local school.  Thankfully they were hooked and I helped them organise an appropriate time and we managed to get it set as an all-school homework over a long weekend." 

"Half of the fundraising went to the individual children themselves, with the other half and the free books to the library. The great thing from the feedback was how inspired the children were with their reading (some reading more than 16 hours over four days) and prizes were given (£10 voucher from the school's income) to a child in each class who read for the longest time."

"I will be setting up a room with all of the books in for the children to see how much they managed to donate and receive, and to get them excited about the new books going into their school library. We have managed to order all of the KS1 level reading books which will make a big difference, and hopefully see the end of 30 year old copies of Biff and Chip!"

"The school are so excited about what they have done, and are already talking of making this an annual or biennial event - yippee!"

Thanks so much for sharing, Claire. What a story!