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Focus On putting books into the hands of children

3rd June 2014

Anita is mother to three young children aged six, three and one years old and works part time with Usborne Book at Home literally only when she is able to. 

She started her Usborne book selling business three years ago, following the birth of her daugher, after looking at a number of direct selling companies as a way to supplement her income. 

Anita continues:

"I was unable to return to work due to the inconvenient hours. A friend of mine had started with Usborne Books at Home and recommended I became part of her new team.  As we were in slightly different areas, I accepted.  I have a passion for books myself and this is something that I have passed onto my children- they love seeing the deliveries and deciding which books they will have next.

I absolutely love the flexibility of it – I am a busy mum and there are times of the year when I just can’t spend any time on Usborne and then I can just pick up and start working again.  The children love all the books and I can get a child’s opinion of why they like certain things which I pass on to my customers. I have made a lot of friends while working with Usborne and forged some close relationships with schools which I aim to build on every year which is why World Book Day is a great time of year for me.

My story is simply that if you work hard and enjoy what you do, you receive great results. At a time when there is so much technology in the hands of our children, there is a great feeling when you see them receive new books, that they can’t wait to start on  – that’s why I love doing sponsored reads in schools."

By her own admission, Anita's story is not necessarily 'quirky' but a normal story of how a mother's priorities changed, and how sellling children's books has given her such pleasure. Thanks for sharing Anita!

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