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Creation Station

12th August 2019

Here at Usborne Books at Home, we are delighted that a number of our Organisers enjoy fulfilling relationships with our friends at the Creation StationUsborne Organiser, Laura Angus, describes to us how partnering up with The Creation Station has benefitted her whole family:

"I regularly took my daughters to Creation Station and we always enjoy the classes. The class teacher sent me a message and asked if I would like to attend with my books for a session themed around That's not my puppy.... Of course I said yes, and contacted two other Organisers who are friends of mine to ask if they wanted to come along. It was so lovely to share my books and stickers with the children, and seeing their love of the books in action was fantastic.

Following this event, I have attended all of the other Usborne-themed sessions with Creation Station. I have even taken my books along to the adult evenings, too. I have a great relationship with the leaders of the classes and it's a wonderful opportunity for me to share my books with their lovely customers too - now I go regularly, I have built up trust with some great new customers.

One of the leaders has set up an 'Art in the Park' event twice a week through the summer holidays and so far it's been fab! I have been invited along and it's such a lovely event. I hold a book stall while the children enjoy craft activities.

My children love Creation Station and I love that they can come along and enjoy the crafts and sessions too.

I really can say that working alongside Creation Station leaders has been great for me in so many ways, and seeing the parents and children fall in love with the books has been a joy. It's been a brilliant experience - I can't wait for next week's Poppy and Sam session!"

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Laura!

We'd love to hear about your events and share your successes with others. Please send in your stories and photographs to