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January Picks for Schools

18th December 2018

With simple rhyming text, phonic repetition and parents' notes on phonics at the back of the book, Usborne's Phonics Readers are specially designed to develop essential language skills and early reading. This month's new title is Poodle Draws Doodles which tells the story of a naughty poodle who loves to doodle everywhere! But could her al fresco drawing skills actually come in useful...?

English and Dictionaries
From our illustrated dictionaries and thesauruses series, our First Illustrated Grammar and Punctuation is an easy-to-use introduction to grammar and punctuation for young children. With simple explanations, colourful illustrations and lots of examples throughout - with added quizzes, writing tips and links to specially selected websites with puzzles and videos! - this is the perfect addition to any primary school classroom.



Travel back to Ancient China and discover traders on the Silk Road, soldiers guarding the Great Wall and emperors in their palaces. With dozens of flaps that reveal fascinating facts about everything from the earliest civilisation to the Ming Dynasty, See Inside Ancient China is a lively account of China's amazing history and incredible inventions that is ideal for KS2 history lessons.

Science and Technology

Delve behind the scenes to look inside bridges, tunnels and towers around the world. Lift the flaps to reveal the mechanics and engineering of constructions including the Channel Tunnel connecting England and France, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and many more. With beautiful full-colour illustrations and fascinating details to discover on every page, See Inside Bridges, Towers and Tunnels is a brilliant way to engage students in the world of science and technology.

Home Learning

Wipe-Clean Learning

Our Wipe-Clean Learning series is an excellent way for young children to practise the skills they are developing at school. With laminated pages and a special pen, the activities can be done again and again - brilliant for young children to learn pen control and basic writing skills without fear of making mistakes. This month's new title is Adding.

Usborne Key Skills

Written to support the English National Curriculum, our Key Skills series is ideal for helping children to gain confidence in the skills they are learning at school in providing that little bit of extra support at home.

This month's two new titles are Geometry 8-9, which helps children understand the properties of a wide variety of 2d shapes, and Time 8-9, which builds confidence in telling the time on a digital clock, using a calendar and understanding the 24-hour day.