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Book of the Month - Lift the Flap Engineering

3rd September 2018

Lift the Flap Engineering is an engaging and interactive exploration of how engineering shapes the world around us, from the houses and cities we live in, to the way we travel, and even the sound of music we listen to. With detailed illustrations throughout, and simplified scientific explanations for how different types of engineering work, this would be an ideal book for both future engineers and science students alike.

The book explores lots of different types of engineers and the work they do, from civil engineers, to biomedical engineers, to aerospace engineers, and explains how each different type of engineering has improved people's lives and even changed the world. It also examines the common challenges that engineers have to work to overcome, and the different strategies they employ to problem solve and engineer solutions.

We love how the book explains how everyday objects such as tablets, bikes and wireless controllers work, but also explores much bigger issues such as how rockets can overcome gravity to reach space, how robots can be created to explore places that humans can't and how buildings can be designed to be earthquake resistant. It's a great book for inspiring engineers of the future to consider the problems they face in everyday life, and the problems faced in the wider world, and to start thinking about the solutions that could be created to improve these.

Our favourite page is 'Building Big', which explores the natural obstacles that exist in Japan and how civil engineers have worked to overcome these obstacles to make life easier for Japan's growing population. From taking inspiration from history, to creating an artificial island, to designing an immense floodwater diversion system, this page shows us the ideas behind the solutions, and the huge difference that civil engineers are able to make.

Lift the Flap Engineering is a fascinating and inspiring title that is sure to enthuse any reader about a future in engineering. It provides a great balance between scientific information and real world examples, to bring the information into context. It's the perfect introduction to a career that isn't just about maths and science, but also about the power of the imagination. 

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