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Aliens Invaded My School!

28th June 2018

Magic tricks, mind reading and a whole lot of laughter made up Matt Brown's primary school visits to share his latest title: Aliens Invaded My Talent Show!.

This week, we were lucky enough to join author, Matt Brown, at St. Matthew's Bloxam Primary in Rugby, and St. Paul's Primary in Leamington Spa for two fun fuelled mornings. Best known for his hilarious time-travelling series, Compton Valance, Matt's new book swaps time-travel for another universe entirely!

In his interactive workshop, Matt talked about the wonder of space, and got the children to imagine their own world from an alien's perspective. He had us all in hysterics as he read out an extract from his novel where the aliens had come across a human taking their dog for a walk and then cleaning up after them - completely horrifying!

Inspired by his protagonist, Eric Doomsday's love of magic, Matt showed us two of his favourite tricks - one involving mind reading, and the other involving cards. Unlike Eric, however, there were no disasters following Matt's tricks, and the children were thrilled to learn how Matt had done them. 

Matt's books are full of brilliant character names, and he shared some of his favourite naming tips with us. His first tip was to open up a map for inspiration. Eric's best friend, Vinnie Mumbles, for example, was named after the town of Mumbles in South Wales, whilst the most popular girl in their school, Hattie Lavernock, was named after another Welsh location. His second tip was to look around you for inspiration, for example one of the school inspectors in Aliens Invaded My Talent Show! called himself Mr Don O'Tenter after a Do Not Enter sign. Everyone's favourite tip though, was to combine your pet's name with your street name and to see what that name suggested about your character. We had so much fun hearing lots of examples from the pupils!

At the end of his presentation, Matt answered lots of questions from the children. As well as favourites such as 'What are your favourite books?', 'What inspired you to become an author?' and 'Who's your favourite author?', we loved all the questions about future books in this new series, new ideas for characters, and whether they could illustrate Matt's next book - answer: Matt only works with illustrators who live in places he'd like to go on holiday!

Matt then signed lots of copies of Aliens Invaded My Talent Show! for eager new fans, and enjoyed finding out all about the pupils' favourite books and genres.

We had the best two days learning new magic tricks, finding out more about space and our universe, and laughing hysterically at multiple extracts from the book. If you're looking for a great fun read for the summer, you'll find Aliens Invaded My Talent Show! hard to beat!