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My first Usborne Gala and Conference

17th January 2013

Gala & Conference 2013

This is Thembi from the Marketing department. I'd like to share with you my experiences of my first ever Usborne Gala and Conference, but before I do, here's fellow 2013 Gala newcomer... Corinne Wilhelm, Usborne Books at Home Team Leader, to tell you all about her her first time at the Gala:

"Going to the Gala is something I have been meaning to do since I joined Usborne seven years ago. At the time my son was small and I live in Germany, so this is not a case of driving up the motorway for me, it is quite an expensive and logistically challenging undertaking. But, oh my goodness! How glad am I that I went. I hardly slept after the Gala, I was brimming with ideas and energy and the Conference hadn't even started yet!

The best part of the Conference for me was hearing just how simple Usborne can be, I think I have been over complicating it. I realise now more than ever that this is a people business, a 'get out and share your love of books business' and if that means giving someone a flexible, fun, family-friendly income, all the better. I learned to let dabblers be dabblers and to run like the wind with those that want to fly, because oh my goodness after this Conference I'm going to fly!

The most productive part of the Conference was chatting with other people, not that my upline hadn't been telling me this stuff for, well forever, but hearing it from regular people from all walks of life rather than my 'personal book business god', Tracy Hickson made it achievable. So watch this space and thank you Tracy, you can proudly say 'I told you so' and you are sooo right, again!"

Thanks Corinne - we're glad you had such a fantastic time and found the event so useful.

Ever since joining Usborne Books at Home, a little over 9 months ago now, the one thing I kept on hearing about was the Gala and Conference. But there's nothing like experiencing something yourself, to truly understand it.

Since spring(!) last year, the office has been in a state of excited planning and preparing for this event. We've been designing, writing, administering and marketing everything in advance of the big day to make it a success.

Come Friday night - Gala night - the Kenilworth Suite of Chesford Grange, was filled with colour, posh frocks (some shorter than others!), DJs, pumping music and bright lights! I was blown away by the sheer excitement that every Organiser just exuded at the Awards ceremony and how it's such an important time for each of you to celebrate each other's successes and show your support to your fellow team members.

On the Saturday, the audience were thrilled by the updates they heard from Usborne staff about marketing, new incentives, new titles and recognition. For the first time ever, Organisers broke into workshops run by fellow colleagues where three actionable points about different aspects of your business were shared. 
I loved the spirit and ambition shown by so many, something which is clearly evident in our Gala and Conference video, and am so excited by all the developments we will be bringing you this year.

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