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"Gala is the place where a spark of excitement can become a flame of potential!"

27th October 2015

Have you got your ticket for the 2016 Spring Conference and Gala Awards? If not, take a look at two reviews from two fantastic Organisers, Carly Cavilla-Hunt and Liann Cayford.

Carly shares her first experience of the Spring Conference and Gala...

"In January 2015 I attended my first Usborne Gala. Having only joined and promoted the previous season, I had no idea what to expect so it was a time of nervous anticipation.

It was going to be my make or break; the time I had set myself that would allow me to decide if Usborne was really for me.  And my goodness did it help me decide! To hear so many 'normal' people talking about their incredible businesses and what was planned for the year ahead, see the new books AND be in the audience as the Travel Incentive was revealed... this gave me everything I needed to make the decision that absolutely, Usborne was for me.

Almost a year on and my team of five is now a group of 80 or thereabouts!

Gala this year is going to be a very different experience!  I am full of anticipation as I get to meet so many of the amazing people in my group that distance hasn't allowed me to meet yet and I can't wait to celebrate our incredible achievements so far this year. Gala is the place where all of a sudden that little spark of excitement becomes a great big flame of potential - I can't wait for that 'moment' where, for so many, all of a sudden those little possibilities and dreams become a reality, a goal and their future business. This year Gala is so much more than realising my dream - it's helping my group realise theirs too!"

(Of course, the night away in a nice hotel with friends adds just a little appeal too!)

What was Liann's first Conference and Gala like?

"I joined post Gala madness in January 2010. I had a full year to wait for the next one and I couldn't wait! As soon as the tickets were available, I bought mine and soon got excited over the incentives that could help me win my money back.

Apart from my lovely Mentor, I hadn't met anyone else that was attending. I was a bit nervous but that soon disappeared when I got to meet all the lovely ladies and gents from my division. Being a new Organiser, I was invited to join the MD for a 'red carpet' champagne reception too!

I have now bought my ticket and can't wait to attend my sixth Spring Conference and Gala Awards next January. It's the highlight of my Usborne calender and not one I would want to miss. I am really looking forward to meeting friends that I have made throughout the years and to have the chance to meet with my own attending team. If you need any more convincing, take a look at past Conference and Gala videos to see what's in store!"

Thank you so much for sharing, ladies!

Are you looking for 'brilliance' in 2016?

If so, the Usborne Books at Home 2016 Spring Conference and Gala Awards awaits! Book your ticket today.

Are you a new Organiser for 2015?

Remember, if you have joined Usborne in 2015, you can still attend the whole event for just £80 (£40 saving).

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