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"You're worth it! It will be worth it!"

7th October 2015

Divisional Leader, Kate L'argent shares her 30 reasons why attending the Spring Gala and Conference is so worthwhile.

"I'm sure you will have picked up on the buzz and excitement about the Spring Conference and Gala Awards. See my list below if you are still unaware! Maybe you are still deciding whether to come as there are so many things to weigh up. You have to buy a ticket, juggle child care and possibly convince your partner that it's worth attending. Maybe you haven't met anyone and think you'll be alone; maybe none of your clothes fit since the children arrived; who will I share a room with? Will it be worth all the hassle?

The answer is definitely YES! Most of us who are now regular attendees had to sort out the same problems when we first went. Usborne is like a family; different Divisions are like cousins and when you arrive at the hotel, it'll be full of people who will instantly realise you are one of us and say hello!

If you are worried about the cost of a ticket - even though it's a bargain for everything we receive - then why not set yourself a challenge to get two extra bookings this month? A good home party could just about cover the cost in one go! Several Organisers have had their ticket as an early Christmas present!

Regarding childcare, my husband grumbled that I was leaving him and then loved having our children to himself. They ate pizza, went out and had lots of fun. Friends and grandparents will help out too if needed.

I bet all the things you are pondering can be resolved happily so you CAN join us. Write your plan, put a date in your diary to buy your ticket and take the first steps towards sorting it out. You're worth it! It will be worth it!"

1. Meet other Organisers and Leaders from all over the country and the EU.
2. Put faces to names.
3. Drink champagne!
4. It's a great party night out.
5. A peaceful night's sleep - no kids interrupting you!
6. A special reception for all first timers.
7. Share in the success of those around you.
8. Lots of recognition for everyone - be invited up on stage for your achievements.
9. Hear other people's stories.
10. A chance to dress up.
11. A fabulous three course meal.
12. Stay in a smart hotel in the centre of Stratford-upon-Avon.
13. Meet up with old friends.
14. Make new friends.
15. It's fun!

And then on Saturday...

16.Start the day with a fabulous breakfast.
17. Formulate your plans for 2016.
18. Talk to your peers about their difficulties with Usborne and how to solve them.
19. Talk to experienced Leaders.
20. Find out about the new initiatives for 2016.
21. Be inspired by the next Travel Incentive - could you be next to win?
22. Hear from guest speaker, Andy Cope as he talks about The Art of Being Brilliant - he comes highly recommended.
23. See the New Titles planned for 2016.
24. Attend discussion groups.
25. Use the hotel spa facilities
26. A chance for some 'me ' time.
27. Feel part of the Usborne world.
28. Get a buzz that will last all year.
29. Treat yourself - because you're worth it.
30. See that your family can cope without you!

"Me? I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom, Kate!

Are you looking for 'brilliance' in 2016?

If so, the Usborne Books at Home 2016 Spring Conference and Gala Awards awaits! Book your ticket today.

Are you a new Organiser for 2015?

Remember, if you have joined Usborne in 2015, you can still attend the whole event for just £80 (£40 saving).

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