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"Within 47 days of joining Usborne, I was a Team Leader!"

12th October 2015

"I have had a wonderful journey with Usborne Books at Home so far! I joined after meeting my Mentor, Lucy Trist, at a local toddler group. Lucy was so approachable and we got chatting about the books. I made the decision to be a party host and getting the free books after its success was truly fantastic!

From then on, I was hooked. Lucy gave me all the information on becoming an Organiser myself and it was a no brainer. £150 worth of books for £38, with the only target being an order worth £100 in 12 weeks? That seemed easy because I would spend that much on my boys alone.

I have two children; Xander is 4 and Dexter is 2. Both of them love books and Dexter goes through several a day. I know how important early reading is and sometimes just a bed time story every night can do so much for little ones.

They have both loved the Usborne That's Not My... range and even now will pull them out to read. I assumed I would just be buying them some nice books for Christmas and taking a couple of orders. I did my first order of £100 and had loads of free books as I was the host.

I started by telling my friends about my joining Usborne. I have friends over 280 miles from me so I couldn't do a party for them... or could I? I read more into it and decided my first ever party would be a Facebook party. I did a little prep and with the help from my Mentor, had a £200 order to place! So my Kit Boost was achieved - within 2 weeks! Another Facebook party and another £100 saw me to four £100 orders.

I did some research and booked myself in to a couple of fetes over one weekend and sold some of the stock I had accumulated already. I met some lovely people and had loads of fun. I realised that I actually loved doing this, I loved making children's eyes light up when they picked up a book.

My next couple of Facebook parties have not been quite as sucessful as my first, but I still managed to place six £100 orders in just five weeks - earning me my Kit Refund.

At the start of September, Usborne also had a special joining offer of just £28. I gained five recruits of my own during this offer and I was so excited. I had my sights on becoming a Team Leader and winning the Promotion Bonus of £200! I really needed it to put away for Christmas. Could I possibly do it?

My new recruits have been fantastic; they have all got to grips with their Usborne businesses quickly and three have already gained their Quickstart Programme Kit Boost.

We managed over £1700 worth of orders between us in September, which meant that within 47 days of joining Usborne, I had qualified as a Team Leader! Receiving the £200 bonus has been the best thing to happen to me this year. I am overcome with all the support I have received from Head Office and the Division. I hope to grow my business further now and Group Leader is already in my sights. You know what they say... you have to dream BIG!"

Wow, what an amazing journey you have had so far Katy! Thank you for sharing and wishing you all the best for your future with Usborne Books at Home.