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"We all share the desire to find a work-life balance... with Usborne it really is possible!"

7th September 2015

"People often ask me how I have time for my Usborne business while raising triplet boys. The truth is, if I didn’t have triplets, I wouldn’t be a Team Leader with Usborne Books at Home.

Having three babies to take care of set the ground work for me to build my own business with Usborne. Perhaps that’s why I have two other triplet mums on my Usborne team!

All mums need to be organised, able to multi-task and set realistic goals for themselves. But with triplets, these skills are vital if you want to survive the relentless schedule of feeding, changing and entertaining three babies. Those same skills have become valuable in helping me succeed with Usborne. I’ve always been a planner and an obsessive scheduler.

In my world, if it isn’t on the calendar, it doesn’t happen! This was so important with three babies. We had to maintain a tight schedule to ensure that we got time to eat, shower and have the odd cup of hot coffee. Those sleep-deprived days are gone and now I look forward to the start of each Usborne season because I can get out my colourful pens and start filling in empty boxes on my crisp calendar. I get a sense of motivation that is based around doing something for me that also fits in with my family’s busy schedule.

Setting realistic goals is also very important as a parent and an Usborne Organiser. When I joined Usborne, my boys had just turned three so I didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to my business. I made a goal of being active every month and recruiting four team members in the second half of my first year. I also took advantage of more experienced Organisers’ knowledge to build my understanding of how the business works and how I could make it work for me as my family would go through various stages.

With the boys starting full-time school (!) and my promotion to Team Leader, I can start setting new goals for myself and my business.

There have been some unexpected benefits from joining Usborne. I’ve met some amazing people in my own community and in the wider Usborne world. Through home parties and community events I’ve got to know mums who I had previously only exchanged a few words with before being dragged off by a child. When I went to my first Usborne Gala, I was surprised by how comfortable I felt. I looked around the room and saw other women just like me who are balancing family life with running their own business. It was a very empowering feeling. We all share the desire to find a work-life balance that fulfils us without sacrificing the needs of our families. With Usborne it really is possible… even with triplets!"

Thank you so much for sharing such a brilliant Usborne story, Theresa.