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The importance of perseverance...

21st September 2015

Usborne Organiser, Anna Koe shows how these three key elements can make a real difference:

1. The importance of perseverance

2. The importance of marketing successful events

3. The importance of developing cross divisional relationships and peer support, using others strengths and 'buddying up'

Hi Anna! Congratulations on your recent and impressive £1200+ order - how did you do it?

"Thanks very much! It was a Ready, Steady... Read! order, plus some new titles and customer orders as well.

It all happened as a result of persevering with the contacts at the school. I had first approached them when I started (nearly three years ago) but didn't really get anywhere. A year later, they had a change in Head and for the first time, had a Christmas shopping evening. I leapt at the chance to take my books! I had a nice chat with the Head and she referred me to the Literacy Co-ordinator.

I arranged a meeting with her, discussed the Ready, Steady... Read! opportunity, but it wasn't for them at that stage.

I met a couple of the PTA members and mentioned our sponsored reading events to them and they promised to raise it at their meetings. I attended the summer fayre and again, spoke with the Literacy Co-ordinator.

In March 2015, I completed a Ready, Steady... Read! event at another local school and posted a picture of all their new books on my Facebook business page. This was the beginning of a change in my fortune as the Head of the PTA saw the photos, as did others from the school.

At their next meeting in June, the Head Teacher was there and was shown the photos. They were keen to get involved as soon as possible from then on! I was elated that the perseverance had paid off.

I quickly put some information together and dropped it to her at the school gate. We sat down a few days later and spent some time discussing it. The Ready, Steady... Read! would be run through Children's Book Week in July and I offered to come in and do a school assembly to launch it.

I hadn't ever done an assembly before so this was completely out of my comfort zone! I spoke with my wonderful Mentor, Heidi Thomas and she gave me some top tips of how to do a successful assembly.

In amongst this, it was time to go to the Summer Spectacular. There, I spoke to another Organiser (Carly) and we found that we were both due to do an assembly on the same day (one week later). I suggested that we should talk about how to do them together, and so with our Mentor's support, Carly and I had a great Skype call the night before our assemblies. It was great to talk it through and bounce ideas off each other as to how best to run it.

The assembly went really well and I felt much more confident doing it thanks to the support of my back up team!

The school and preschool raised £1140 and I linked it to the preschool too so they will be receiving a total of £1824 in books!

I can't wait to deliver all of the great books and prizes to them in a few weeks time (and get the space back in my hallway!)"

Wow! What an incredible story - thank you for sharing, Anna.