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"It just shows why every event is important!"

15th September 2015

Hi Kirsty! Well done on your brilliant order recently! How did you secure it?

"Ah yes... the 'recycling' order! It came about when I met my contact about 18 months ago at a local village fete when I was hosting a stall. She mentioned she worked for the Education Department at our local council and more specifically, worked with the Junior Recycling Officers who go into schools to teach about recycling.

We briefly chatted about the various resources I could offer her and I highlighted that I could potentially offer a great deal for educational establishments if she ever wanted to order anything from me. She took my card and rang me, wanting to place an order to issue all her new Recycling Officers with a book to put into their own 'starter kit' for their induction training.

Unfortunately, at that stage most of our recycling resources were out of stock, but she was so keen to give them one of our books that she decided to wait and give them out at their conference in October instead so I could still secure an order!

It's been a bit of a steep learning curve for me to get the order processed; having to be set up as a council preferred supplier, then securing the amount of stock we needed (my utmost thanks go to Maria, David and Jon in the office for helping me with all my queries and finding a way to get the order in motion!). My biggest support as usual, has been my ever patient Mentor, Lisa Colley, who having already done her gargantuan £25,000 council order last year, knew the best way to process it and could guide me through any council red tape!

It shows yet again why every event is important and the variety of people you can meet just by standing in a field and selling books!"

Thank you so much for sharing, Kirsty - how amazing!