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A school's experience of Usborne

5th August 2015

Usborne Organisers make a real difference in schools. Walsh Memorial Infants School in Surrey were delighted with their recent experience.

"Our 'Usborne Book lady' Katie has become a great friend of our school. She is a regular visitor and the children always look forward to her arrival, with her big boxes of books. The children enjoy spending their pocket money and the money they have saved in the school book club savings scheme on Usborne books.

Katie helps the children understand how much they can spend and sensitively guides them to books they will enjoy reading.

She is a great supporter of the school’s PTA and comes to sell her lovely books at the Christmas shopping evenings.  She also sets up her book shop as part of our World Book day events so that parents, staff and children can buy these good quality books.

These events have raised a lot of money in free books. This, along with other money raised by the PTA, has been used to fill the shelves with fabulous new books, as part of the legacy from the school’s 100th birthday celebrations. The Literacy Coordinator has worked with the children to choose a wide range of wonderful books from the Usborne catalogue for the newly refurbished Centenary Library. All the children keenly look forward to class library times. Each week parent helpers come into the library and help the children choose books to borrow and take home to read. So many Usborne books are regularly seen in library book bags as well as in the classrooms."

It's fantastic to see Usborne books in so many children's hands! Thanks for sharing Katie and Walsh Memorial Infants School.