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"I'm halfway to achieving my Promotion Bonus with eight weeks to go!"

17th July 2015

"I have now earned my Kit Boost and Kit Refund (two weeks early) and am halfway to promotion bonus with eight weeks to go!"

"I had been looking for a 'work from home' opportunity to suit me for a long time. Then I remembered a friend of mine used to sell Usborne Books so got in contact with her and she highly recommended it... so I had a look through the website. When I saw the Starter Kit was only £38 and was worth £150 and the fact you only needed to make £100 in 12 weeks I knew I had to just go for it. I decided that even if I didn't end up having much success, I would have amazing books for my kids at a brilliant price!"

"The first thing I did was talk to my family about the opportunity - all of them were very excited and keen to order - especially one of my sisters. My sister is an even bigger fan of books than myself, so this made my first order VERY easy!"

"The next thing I did was organise a Facebook event that I invited all my 'mummy' friends to. I organised some games, including 'find the duck' and a book quiz. I bought Mini Farmyard Tales to give out as prizes for the winner of each game. It was a huge success! I also got booked for another Facebook party from this one (which I did a week later) and I've been asked by several people to do another so that's now booked in."

"I then did a presentation at my husband's school about Usborne Books and the sponsored reading events we offer. They were very impressed with the maths dictionaries and made a big order and have also scheduled a sponsored read with me in October. I'm very excited!!"

"So far I have recruited three lovely ladies (each of them are delaying their forms due to funds) so in the next couple of weeks I should have my own little team and will just have one more person to recruit to get the last step of Runaway Success! The first lady is a friend who joined in with my first Facebook party, the second is a friend of a friend who joined in with a Facebook party I did and the third is my sister who adores books."

"I feel so lucky to have had so much success so far and have plans for continued success! Usborne are fantastic at recognising my achievements as well, not just my Mentor but I even got a hand-written note from the MD to congratulate me on my success. I can't wait for the many more years as an Usborne Organiser."

Thank you Chrissie for your story, your hard work and enthusiasm and also the very cute picture of your little reader! :-)