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"I can honestly say that working for Usborne has been a dream!"

17th June 2015

"I have always loved children’s books and, being a primary school teacher, they are something I am constantly surrounded by. Knowing the many benefits reading has on young learners, as well as the pleasure and delight children get from books, are just some of the reasons I looked to Usborne as a way of sharing more books with my own family as well as others.

"My Usborne journey started with my online application. Little did I know, the next phone call I was to receive would be from my amazing Mentor who has helped me get to where I am today, all in a very short space of time. To cut a long story short, the conversation revolved around my wish to just ‘have a go’, see what happens and hopefully earn the odd £20 extra pocket money each month!

Both my first online Facebook party and home launch parties were a complete success. Not only did this earn me my Runaway Success Kit Boost, but it also enabled me to secure my first recruits. I subsequently ran a home book party, picked up orders from friends and family, and completed a Lucky Squares competition all to gain my Runaway Success Kit Refund. By this point, it was safe to say I had well and truly caught the Usborne book bug!

It wasn’t long before my enthusiasm and absolute passion for my new venture meant I had four recruits under my belt, all of whom I was now mentoring as well as keeping sales ticking along for myself. It was a bit of a whirlwind to say the least!

After four weeks, my Mentor encouraged me to go for promotion and although it didn’t take much persuasion, I was a little daunted by the prospect. Some serious planning, team motivation and hard work meant that after seven weeks and five days I had promoted to Team Leader and became a Team Usborne Elite Achiever. I had done it!
I took a couple of well-earned days off and came back ready to take on the next challenge - qualifying for paid Team Leadership.

As a result of some meticulous planning and team comradery, the first day of the month saw my team sales were already half-way towards this. Now that I am supporting my recruits to recruit too, I am also aiming for Productivity Bonus. Fingers crossed for that one…

I can honestly say that working for Usborne has been a dream. It is certainly testament to the fact that you get out what you put in. For me it has never felt like a ‘job’ - I treat it as a hobby because I enjoy every aspect of it. I have found something really special in Usborne that allows me to work from home, when I want, and spend maximum time with my family. The earnings are an added bonus! So my £20 extra pocket money a month has been blown out of the water and has become a savings plan to purchase a new top-of-the-range kitchen by this time next year. Watch this space..!"