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Ready, Steady... Success!

10th July 2015

Congratulations on your recent success Susanna! Had you worked with schools before?

"Thank you! This was actually the first time I had approached a school. I decided to start at my daughter's and had an initial discussion with the head of the PSA, who agreed to take my information into a meeting. I also handed a personal letter to the Head Teacher and was pleasantly surprised when they got back to me really quickly to say they wanted to do an Usborne sponsored reading event!"

What did you do next?

"I had an initial meeting with the library reps, made letters for parents, class
posters and issued sponsor forms and that was that. There were 'Ready, Steady...Read!' and 'Ready, Steady...Listen!' events going on throughout the whole
school on one day only. I then waited for the event total and was totally shocked at how much they had raised (£2,800)!" 

"I've spent today writing out to other schools and playgroups using the example above to inspire and encourage them to join the fun, so fingers crossed!"

Thank you for sharing, Susanna!

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