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"There's no such thing as a bad event!"

20th May 2015

Team Leader, Nicki Ramplin tells us her recent success story...

"I've been running my Usborne business for just over three years and I tend to strategically book my 'pop-up bookshop' events at school fairs as 'a way in' - to speak to the Literacy Coordinator or Head Teacher.

Last December I negotiated a reduced rate at a local high school Christmas fair. During the event I sold a few books, but I had a chat with the chair of the PTA and she seemed keen to help me get into the school by way of a book fair.

Within 48 hrs of the Christmas fair, she emailed me details of the Head of English. With permission, I wrote a brief email explaining our sponsored read and book fair events, emphasising the fact that I could organise and run the event for her. I also suggested that they might want to book me for World Book Day!

About two weeks later, I received a very lovely email apologising that she already had another company in for World Book Day, but she was such a fan of Usborne that she wanted me to do a book fair in May just before she went on maternity leave.

On World Book Day, she sent me an email asking to book me for next year as it had been so stressful finding staff to run the other fair and she loved the idea of someone like me coming in and doing it all for her!

During the lead up to the book fair, the school were brilliant as they sent out the leaflets, along with a covering letter and reminders for wish slips to be returned after the book fair. The Head of English kept commenting on how easy it all was and how the staff and children were all raving about it! The total spent was £1300! They were totally amazed when they found out they'd be getting £775 worth of free books.

Here is a quote from her parting email...

"Thank you so much for making this such a brilliant and simple event - everyone's been raving about it! Looking forward to the next one in March already!"

I've asked her to spread the word with her teacher colleagues so I guess the moral of this story is, there's no such thing as a bad event!"

Thank you for sharing, Nicki!

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