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Book of the Month - 100 Things To Know About Science

5th May 2015

Did you know that: The Moon doesn't shine, it reflects light from the sun? The Earth is not entirely solid? That if Mount Everest was turned upside down it wouldn't reach the bottom of the ocean?

100 Things To Know About Science is a friendly and accessible introduction to this amazing subject, with a hardback cover, fascinating facts and lots of illustrations throughout. The simple text means that it is perfect for beginner readers to enjoy.

Each brightly coloured page introduces the science behind something familiar, from space travel to how Albert Einstein changed the world.

There are also internet links to take children to specially selected websites where they can watch online experiments, answer fun quiz questions and discover more surprising science facts.

But don't be fooled - even adults are sure to find out things they never knew!

How do I get one?

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